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Tomy Arcade helps the site owner with hundreds of entertainment coin operated machines choice in different collections. We have our own site operation in china, and we helps at least 30 oversea site owners to do the plan and make the recommendation by cost-effective and highly funny game machines. 

We are good at Musical series, Sport game series, Lottery redemption series, Arcade series, racing and shooting simulator series supplying. We have our own strong and skillful after sale team to help site owners with fast and professional technical solutions. 

 Tomy Arcade  makes the restoration with the high-level work for original brand for Racing Co-op machines like Initial D series, Gun Arcade like Time Crissis, Fighting Arcade like Astro City, Musical Aracde like PIU, etc. 

For restoration work, we have our own access to collect all the popular and very old but classical machines from large site recycling. And reprint all the cabs, dismantle all the accessories by testing each of them, and replace the weak part with new or well working original parts from our mature supplying market. 

Tomy Arcade also makes the reproduction for some special market, this area indludes Cocktail arcade for distributor, Wooden arcade like pacman 60in1, and Disassembly combat for customization.

Tomy, One-stop co-op machine solution expert in China. 

Tomy, Adore your life with games.