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9DVR Rhythm Lightsaber Dancing Machine China Direct 2 Player for Sale

9DVR Rhythm Lightsaber Dancing Machine China Direct 2 Player for Sale

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9DVR Rhythm Lightsaber Dancing

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This design resembles a traditional dance machine, reminiscent of a machine for playing dancing games, but in fact, its functions are much more than that. With glasses on, you can dance, shoot, ski, and even cut fruit. Put together a lightsaber, dance the miracle, it will make you the most dazzling dancer.



Monitor: 55" LCD


Detailed equipment parameters:

Project Data Project Data
Power 2.0KW Number of games 60+
Weight 260KG Head display HTC
Size L3000*W2200*H2400(mm) Packing wooden frame 6m³
Player 1 Floor space 5㎡
CPU I5 Mainboard ASUS
Memory 8G Hard disk 240G SSD
Video card GTX1060 Power source Hangjia 500w


The cool appearance and lighting design give people the feeling they want to experience. The new 360-degree VR experience perspective and deeply immersive game picture experience make the experienter deeply intoxicated. The interaction between two people makes the entertainment effect more wonderful, which is suitable for couples and parent-child activity experience

9DVR Rhythm Lightsaber Dancing game machine Tomy Arcade workshop process
9DVR Rhythm Lightsaber Dancing game machine Tomy Arcade workshop process


Application: Amusement arcade/ playground/ Commercial or household
MOQ: 1 set
Original: China
Production Time: 10 business days


We do bank wire transfer via our business account only.

Payment will have two process. A certain rate deposit for confirm order and production start.

Last Balance will be made after equipment conditon inspection through Image and Video.


After we receive the balance, we will arrange shipping by sea or train.

Forwarder will help us finish the customs in China and book the container and ship. We will have the tracking website and tracking NO.

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TOMY Factory Display

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TOMY's factory is equiped with 200 square meters of installation workshop and 100 square meters of storage, 50 square meters of technical data testing studio. It can ensure that each order is delivered to our customers with fast and stable equipment.

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Shipping & Packing

The biggest principle is to load as many devices as possible to control the final cost of a single device for customers.

We have professional wooden framers to ensure the strength of each device and avoid being squeezed and damaged in the container.

We have a professional forklift loading team to firmly control the load-bearing problem of the equipment.

When the container arrives at our company, no matter how late, our team will successfully complete the loading according to the quality and quantity, and communicate with customers in time to make temporary adjustment.

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